300 Women On A Voyage To Map Oceanic Plastic Pollution

An all-female multidisciplinary team is all set to cover oceans and gauge the harm plastic has exposed the water bodies to. Starting from October 2019, the team will be exploring the oceans for straight two years to measure the amount of plastic and toxic materials in oceans and meanwhile conduct research on how these elements are harmful to the environment.

The voyage, which is arranged for scientific research, is conducted by an organisation called ‘eXXpedition’. The scientific expedition will be covering around 38,000 nautical miles and 30 voyage legs. Starting from the United Kingdom, the voyage will end in the same destination. The move is being said to be a great step that may result in bettering the environment, especially in realising the exact amount of harm being done by the plastic pollutants. Ahead of this, certain measures can be taken which can at least, if not guarantee,  help in bettering the present situation.

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