Customers As Our Stakeholders

Customers As Our Stakeholders


We believe in the inherent good of people and together with kindness and respect, we can change the world for the betterment of all.

Kind Human Solutions’ team believes in respecting each individual’s unique value and is committed to diversity and inclusivity. 

All our daily decisions are guided by our corporate living values which include, empathy and respect for all our Stakeholders equally. We believe that our living values are embodied in the actions we take within each Stakeholder relationship. We embody an attitude of service, that asks what  “we can do for you and our environment”.

Our customer’s health and well-being is our most important objective and we exist to help ensure our customers’ satisfaction and provide them with exceptional products and knowledge value.

We are solutions-oriented and attempt to provide relevant empirical knowledge about personal health issues, our oceans and animal health, in relation to the global plastics pollution problem.

However, we believe our customers are the best judges of their needs and desires and we want to empower them with the knowledge and solutions in order to make wise decisions on their own behalf.

We respect the fact that we must continually earn our customers’ respect & confidence and take our commitment to our promises seriously. 

Empathic listening

In order to exceed all our Stakeholders’ expectations, we actively listen to each person’s wants and concerns. Through hearing each individual, we aspire to provide them with value through our sharing of knowledge and providing relevant solutions to their challenges. 

Community Action & Partnerships

To truly understand our challenges and provide relevant solutions we need to take physical actions: we truly learn through participation.

Our team members want to start a conversation with you, in the hopes of developing a long term mutually beneficial relationship for us and our environment. 

We invite all our Stakeholders to join the conversation about personal and ocean health and join our plastics free movement.

Sustainable Lifestyles

We believe in moving towards more sustainable lifestyles one step and one solution at a time so that our lifestyles and economy fit within the environmental limits of the planet.

We want to inspire hope for you and our environment through solutions to the disposable plastic catastrophe.

We try to identify the many challenges that toxic plastic poses to our human health and the health of our oceans. We attempt to provide relevant, practical solutions that individuals’ may use to take one step towards the bigger solution. 

In short, we want to help reduce the suffering of people and all living things adversely affected by the toxic chemicals found in plastic. Will you join us?

Refuse to be part of the problem,

Choose to be part of the solution!

Welcome to the Kind Humans Zero Disposable Plastics Social Movement!